Diễn Viên Kenna James 

Kenna James

Thông tin diễn viên

Kenna James has got the flawless skin, natural blonde hair, and puffy nipples of the fairy tale princess who looks her best just after she's rolled out of bed. But this elegant nymph is no storybook fantasy. She's an open-minded sex goddess straight out of a small town in Missouri, where she grew up frolicking in a field of tall grass and wildflowers. It was here that Kenna developed the free-spirited style that her fans have fallen in love with. Romantic, caring, and extra tender, this sexy hippie chick reminds us all of how sweet and touching girl-girl porn can be. Captivated by Kenna's simple girl-next-door charm, fappers and industry bigwigs alike are eager to give her anything her little heart desires!

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